About Me

Hey There!

My name is Andrea. I'm a small town girl from eastern Kentucky that loves making people smile.

Growing up in small town USA has made me see things a lot different than most people. My appreciation for the small things is much greater than that of your average person.

I like to consider myself a "over achiever". Why? Because I'm always doing so many things at once.

Currently - I am running my own business, attending college to become a RN, and working a full time position as a SRNA at a local hospital.

My career choice is something that I am asked about very often. Many people wonder why I would ever want to work in healthcare right now, especially with this terrible pandemic. Honestly, I feel as though I am needed now more than ever. I have always wanted to be a nurse and to help others.

I'm sort of what you could call a "late bloomer". I'm 30 years old as of June 2021 and I'm just now beginning to see my future unfold.

In 2020 I received my GED and enrolled in college. By early 2021 I had my SRNA and was ready to begin my new career. I am working so hard to become exactly who I want to be and who I know would make my mother proud.

I'm proof that it's never too late to achieve your dreams.


My dreams started to become reality when I became a Wellness Coach. Starting out I weighed almost 400ibs and now I've lost 100ibs. After seeing that I could indeed make my dreams become reality, I chose to set out on my a journey to get my GED, to go to college and to become a nurse. So, I did just that! I'm still working on becoming a RN but it's coming! I refuse to quit.

Along with being a Wellness Coach and SRNA, I took on some other side hustles that I'm obsessed with. I'm a Scentsy Consultant, Red Aspen Brand Ambassador and online boutique owner. 


It may seem like my life revolves around my career but that's not all I have going on!

This is the love of my life; Eric. We have been together almost 4 years and are planning to get married in the near future. Along with Eric, I also gained two beautiful stepkids that I love with my entire heart. 

Eric and I fit together perfectly. He's my missing puzzle piece. I could make it without him but this life wouldn't be worth much to me if I didn't have him by my side.


I'm also a dog mom - I'm a little overly obsessed with my fur babies. I have Rocky, Riley (German Shepherds), Millie (Chihuahua/Poodle Mix) and Gabbi (Maltipoo).



So, enough about me! Tell me about you. Send me a message below and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people.

Always remember: my inbox is always open for prayer requests or if you need to anonymously talk about things in your life. Also, if you have any questions please contact me. I'm always here to help.