Tanning Mousse + Accessories + Bundle

Tanning Mousse + Accessories + Bundle

WHAT: Tanning Mousse + Accessories + Bundles

Tanning Mousse
-Get ready to GLOW! Meet your most radiant skin with this quick-drying, high-intensity, illuminating tanning mousse.
- Instantly illuminates a subtle glow on skin after applying, fully develops high-intensity tan within 6 - 8 hours
- Light, quick-drying formula applies easily without feeling sticky
- No makeup, makeup that leaves your skin with a more even, illuminated glow while blurring imperfections
-Advanced color guide technology ensures a streak-free finish and minimal transfer
-100% natural plant-based DHA + 100% natural rose essential oil fragrance

Tanning Mitt: The Tanning Mitt + Tanning Mousse are a match made in heaven! Get ready for a streak-free tan without the mess. Rinse and reuse this Tanning Mitt for multiple tans.

Tanning Mini Mitt: Glowing skin is always in, so don’t forget your face! Add half a pump of Tanning Mousse to the Mini Mitt and apply to your face and other small surface areas using circular motions for a streak-free tan.

Tanning Back Applicator: This applicator has your back (literally). Easy-grip handles help you achieve a streak-free tan on your back. No tan lines here!

Exfoliating Mitt: To make something great, you need to start with a good foundation ‒ so get the dry skin out of here! Use this Exfoliating glove, wet or dry, to exfoliate and prime skin for your best tan yet.

Kabuki Brush: They say the best accessory is a good tan, and this brush is your magic ticket! Use the velvety soft, ultra-luxe bristles to blend away any imperfections on tricky-to-tan areas like face, hands, wrists, elbows, or anywhere else!

Tanning Mousse Essentials Bundle
-Exfoliating Mitt
-Kabuki Brush
-Tanning Back Applicator
-Tanning Mini Mitt
-Tanning Mitt
-Tanning Mousse
-$86.40 ($96 value)
-To celebrate the first week, with every Essentials Bundle purchased, get a Body Cream FREE. This will run through Sunday, October 31 at midnight MT. -$86.40, $116 value

Tanning Mousse Refresher Bundle
-Tanning Mini Mitt
-Tanning Mitt
-Tanning Mousse
-$46.80 ($52 value)

WHEN: Tanning Mousse, accessories, Essentials Bundle and Refresher Bundle will launch tomorrow, Tuesday October 26 at 10:30am MT. These bundles will be part of our permanent collection and always be available. Get a free Body Cream with the purchase of the Essentials Bundle through Sunday, October 31 at midnight MT.

WHERE: https://redaspenlove.com/andreapaige/

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